The Physics Master Program was established as part of the Department of physics with permission of Dirjen Dikti No. 284/E/O/2011. The Physics Department was established as part of the Mathematics and Natural Sciences management body of the Faclty of Engineering with Rector’s Decree No.63 / SK / PT09 / 1988 1988. Based on Minister of Education and Culture’s Decree No.0369 / 0/1993, the Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences was established 1993 with 4 study programs namely: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. The last accreditation from the Physics Master Program is B based on Decree Number: 183 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / M / VI / 2014. Physics Master Program is located on Jl. Prof. Sudarto SH, Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Univerita Diponegoro, Tembalang, Semarang. Tel / Fax (024) 76480822 e-mail: Physics@undip.ac.id, website: mif.fsm.undip.ac.id