Vision Mision and Purpose


Master Physics Program becomes an excellent program study in education, research, and physics application.



  1. Doing the best implementation in science education and physics applications.
  2. Develop and improve research and expertise group’s quality by the competence of the Master Physics Program.
  3. To be an active problem solver in society by utilizing physics in science and technology development.

General Purposes :

  1. Have a good grip on physics and its application at the master’s level.
  2. Able to planning and executing the research of theoretically and experimentally physics and continue to postgraduates program.
  3. Able to scientific communication and dissemination by oral and written in Indonesian and international language.
  4. Able to follow the physics development with their respective specialization.
  5. Able to apply physics science for technology and industry in line with physics development.
  6. Able to cooperate with other programs in multidisciplinary so that can contribute to a pioneering of new business.